About Us

The Newell Further Education Council is the first point of access for many adult learners, and has been in operation for over 40 years; proudly serving the rural communities of the County of Newell. The program is primarily funded by Alberta Advanced Education.


Programming Areas:

  • Literacy & Foundational Learning
  • Foundational Life Skills
  • ABLE: Adult Basic Literacy Education
  • Family Literacy
  • Community Capacity Building

 (See “Programs” for more information)


In addition to these programs, we offer Learner Support Services which assist clients with a variety of needs on an individual basis (see Learner Support Services).


These programs and services are implemented by three part-time staff:


Jackie Peterson, Program Director                                         E-mail:  furthered@telus.net

Kathy Bulger, Literacy Coordinator                                         E-mail:  newellable@yahoo.com

Roberta Rogers, Assistant Literacy Coordinator                    E-mail:  newellfurthered@gmail.com


Questions, inquiries, to request a class, or to be matched with literacy tutor; please call 403-641-3444.


The Newell Further Education Council is governed by a board of member agencies and members at large.


Members of the Board:

JoLee Godfrey, Chair                                                    E-mail:  jolee@eidnet.org

Melanie Chapman, Vice Chair                                      E-mail:  melchapman@hotmail.ca

TBA, Bassano FCSS

Lynsey Hanrahan, MHC, Brooks Campus                    E-mail:  LHanrahan@mhc.ab.ca

Christy Christensen, Rolling Hills Area Rep.                E-mail:  christychristensen6@gmail.com

Jennifer Thom, Duchess Area Rep.                             E-mail:  kanafunzi@yahoo.com


Additional Area Rep.’s

Jody McAllister, Tilley                                                    E-mail:  Jody0719@gmail.com

Melissa Jackson, Cassils                                              E-mail:  melissaspassions@live.ca